Monday, August 22, 2011

Inspiration or Eyesore

Crosses There's an interesting land use battle going on in South Korea.  It seems that Christian churches on the Korean peninsula really like to attach glowing neon crosses to the tops of their buildings. Based on newspaper accounts the crosses often stay illuminated well into the night. I haven't found a good explanation for the root of this practice, but it sounds like an important show of faith for believers. 

Yet, as you can imagine, many neighbors aren't so delighted with the 24-hour glow.  Despite neon red light pouring into rooms of many homeowners, effective lobbying by Christian groups has kept the religious organizations exempt from the country's sign and light pollution regulations.  Kim Un-tae, head of the Christan Council of Korea argues that regulating the crosses amounts to "denying the existence of the church."

Steve Clowney

(picture found with creative commons search)

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It certainly gives a whole new meaning to "red light district."

Posted by: Gary | Aug 22, 2011 2:20:26 PM

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