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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Recent SSRN Downloads

Ssrn In honor of the beginning of the month, here are the most downloaded property articles over the last 60 days.  There's been a noticeable shakeup since last month:

1.  [499 downloads] Mortgage Servicing by Adam J. Levitin (Georgetown) and Tara Twomey (National Consumer Law Center)

2.  [254 downloads] Lady Bird Deeds: A Primer for the Texas Practitioner by Gerry W. Beyer (Texas Tech) and Kerri M. Griffin

3.  [115 downloads] Foreclosures, House Prices, and the Real Economy by Atif R. Mian (Berkeley – Business), Amir Sufi (Chicago – Business), and Francesco Trebbi (British Columbia – Econ)

4.  [98 downloads] Degrees of Property by Peter G. Turner (Cambridge)

5.  [82 downloads] Zoning for Off-Campus Fraternity and Sorority Houses by Patricia Salkin (Albany) and Amy Lavine (Albany)

6.  [78 downloads] The Subprime Crisis: How Much Did Lender Regulation Matter? By Robert B. Avery (Federal Reserve) and Kenneth P. Brevoort (Federal Reserve)

7.  [70 downloads] Government Entrepreneurs: Incentivizing Sustainable Businesses as Part of Local Economic Development Strategies by Jonathan D. Rosenbloom (Drake)

8.  [53 downloads] Remedies, Rights, and Properties by Hanoch Dagan (Tel Aviv)

9.  [52 downloads] An Idea of American Indian Land Justice: Examining Native Land Liberation in the New Progressive Era by Richael Faithful (American)

10.  [50 downloads] Solar Energy's Cloudy Future by Robert Glennon (Arizona) and Andrew M. Reeves (Arizona)

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