Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Propety and the American Life

I know it's comically bourgie, but I just love NPR's This American Life.  It simply goes without saying that the two best episodes are "The Breakup" and "Music Lessons."  Nonetheless, the show has also put together a variety of programs that touch on Property issues. The shows can be easily downloaded from the internet.  Here's a sampling of the property-related stuff:

Moving - A Minnesota family moves their house just so they don't have to live in a home that's different than the place that contains all their memories.

The Giant Pool of Money - An accessible explanation of the housing crises.

Neighbors - Stories of people trying to love their neighbors....and failing.

Held Hostage - In the second act, an angry man in New Orleans seeks revenge against people who bought property that he once owned and that was seized by the city.

This is Not My Beautiful Home - It's the largest mass resettlement that America has seen since the Civil War, as over 400,000 people — victims of Hurricane Katrina — try to find a new place to live.

Houses of Ill Repute - Stories about strange houses.

Give People What They Want - Act three touches on a freelance muralist who worked in the Robert Taylor Homes, one of the largest housing projects in America.

Dream House - Host Ira Glass talks to Amanda, who's 16 and lives with her mom in a Christian commune in Chicago.

The Bridge - Act three gives the story of sex offenders who live under a bridge in Miami.

Steve Clowney

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I agree 100 percent on your rating of "The Break-Up." You just can't believe how good Phil Collins is.

Posted by: Dan Ernst | Oct 13, 2010 11:57:11 AM

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