Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Opposite of Bonsai

David Alvand believes in strong private property rights.  If nothing else, he is a man that would make Blackstone proud.  For example, he took a dispute over a wall in his backyard all the way to the European Court of Human Rights.  More recently, he's gotten into botany, planting giant leylandii trees across the front yard of his home in Plymouth, England.  His neighbors remain unimpressed and have "launched a formal complaint under antisocial behaviour legislation to force him to cut back the vast leyland cypress trees completely filling the front garden."  Here's the tree in question:


Surfing around the net a little, it seems that the leylandii has sparked many other rounds of suburban property warfare.  One website reports that the Leylandii has caused over 20,000 disputes between neighbors in Great Britain and Ireland. The arguments, it seems, usually center around access to sunlight.  In 2003, five tree blazes were reported in the Cumbrian village of Scotby, with police describing the attacks as "one person's war against the leylandii".

Steve Clowney 

(pic: from the Mirror under a creative commons license)

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