Saturday, May 15, 2010

Off to Prague

On Tuesday I leave for Prague, where I'll be teaching my Comparative Property Rights course to American students at the Charles University Faculty of Law.  I'll continue posting from Prague where, in addition to teaching, I'll be doing some researching and writing. I'm very excited because Prague is the ideal setting to teach and research comparative property rights issues, since Czech property rights have undergone several radical transformations in quick succession.

As I discovered when I created my Comparative Property Rights course, it turns out there is no casebook or or single text available for the course.  Therefore, I've had to create one.  This summer, the five topics we'll examine are (1) colonial compared to indigenous property rights; (2) property rights under civil law compared to common law; (3) property rights under communist systems compared to capitalist systems; (4) comparative constitutional protections of property rights; and (5) my personal favorite, restitution.  I've compiled a series of readings -- cases, excerpts from law review articles and books, etc. -- for each topic.  In addition, I've written a series of what I call 'focus questions' to guide the students through the reading and to center class discussions.

If anyone is considering teaching a comparative property rights course and would like the syllabus for any of those topics, send me an email (mark(dot)edwards at wmitchell(dot)edu).  There's no point in reinventing the wheel when the prior art is available although, of course, you may find that my wheel is square and has the spokes sticking out sideways, to beat a metaphor beyond recognition.

My next post will be from Prague!

Mark Edwards

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