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Poster Proposals for AALS Annual Meeting

The AALS Property Section is soliciting proposals for poster presentations for the 2010 AALS Annual Meeting in New Orleans.  Here's a memo from Jane La Barbera with the details:

To:       Law Teachers
From:  Jane M. La Barbera
Re:       Poster Presentation at 2010 AALS Annual Meeting
You are invited to submit a proposal of a poster presentation for the 2010 AALS Annual Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana (January 6-10, 2010).
Please send your proposal by e-mail to by September 4, 2009. The proposal should state your name, the name of your law school, the Section for which you are submitting, a title of the poster, a description of what you will be presenting and an actual electronic copy of the poster itself. Your proposal will be sent to the Section Chair and Chair-elect and they will review and select the posters that will be presented as the Section's posters at the 2010 AALS Annual Meeting. This is an opportunity to share your work with the larger academic community. If your Section is not sponsoring posters, you may still submit a poster proposal; the AALS Committee on Sections and Annual Meeting will review it. AALS will notify all posters proposers by October 14, 2009 of the section's decision.
The following AALS Sections are seeking proposals from individuals for poster presentations for the 2010 AALS Annual Meeting: 
1.      Administrative Law
2.      Aging and the Law
3.      Animal Law
4.      Clinical Legal Education
5.      Civil Rights
6.      Contracts
7.      Disability Law
8.      Education Law
9.      Family & Juvenile Law
10.    Graduate Programs for Foreign Lawyers
11.    International Human Rights
12.    International Legal Exchange Section
13.    Law and Interpretation
14.    Law, Medicine and Health Care
15.    Legal Writing, Reasoning and Research
16.    Minority Groups
17.    Nonprofit Law and Philanthropy
18.    Pro-Bono & Public Service Opportunities
19.    Property Law
20.    Taxation
21.    Teaching Methods 
Goal of Posters at AALS Annual Meeting 
Posters are intended to provide authors an opportunity to present in clear and succinct fashion the thesis and conclusion of their research or to describe teaching innovations outside formal program presentations. Because the focus is on the content of the research and innovative teaching, posters that are primarily promoting a particular school program, project, book or materials are not eligible for poster display. Other advertising or fliers are not permitted with posters.
Audience for Posters
The readers of posters may be professors casually passing through the hallway, professors who are reading posters for insights into possible interdisciplinary links to their own work or professors who seek out a particular poster because it presents research important to the reader. It is important to keep poster information succinct and readable increases exposure to the core ideas of the poster.
Who Can Submit a Poster?
A faculty member or professional staff member at an AALS member law school or AALS fee-paid law school can submit a poster proposal to a Section.
Display of Posters
Posters will be displayed outside in the hallways Hilton New Orleans Riverside from Wednesday, January 6 through Sunday, January 10, 2010. Posters will be grouped and identified as a Section's poster. AALS will provide the easels and the poster presenter will provide the poster. Your poster will be displayed on an easel and needs to be easily read from 2-3 feet away, the content easily digested by viewers who stop for a minute or two to review your work. Specific suggestions on size, format and logistical details of preparing and getting your posters to New Orleans are described below.  
Poster Presentations
AALS will schedule an hour for Sections' posters to be presented during the Annual Meeting. The current plan is to have one day during the Annual Meeting with three one hour time slots assigned to poster presentations, most likely, the day of presentation will be either Friday, January 8 or Saturday, January 9. Poster presenters should be prepared to have their posters displayed in the hallways from January 6 through January 10, 2010 throughout the AALS Annual Meeting. If AALS receives too many Section posters to fit in the appropriate space, we will have presenters post their posters on an easel for an hour and allow other posters to replace it, so that all can be shown. 
Poster Guidelines:
Posters should easily read from 2-3 feet away. Text should be limited to the core ideas and presented in a font size that allows our aging academics to read it with ease.
Experienced poster presenters suggest 3-6 graphics to mix in with your text to make the posters more engaging. Posters should be mounted on a hard backing such as foam core that can be placed on an easel. Foam core is available at print shops, art supply stores, FedexKinkos, Staples, etc.  FedexKinkos sells a 3'x4' foam core poster board for approximately $36. The closest FedexKinkos store to the Hilton New Orleans Riverside is located at 901 Convention Center Blvd, Suite 100 (504) 585-5750.
Because posters typically will be placed on easels in an area in which other posters are displayed, it is important that posters not exceed 3ft x 4ft (36 x 48 inches). 
Other than easels, AALS does not provide construction materials. Unless you have the AALS decorator (C.H.S.), the hotel's Business Center or local copy place assist you with your poster, please bring your own pins, tacks, tape, and whatever other set-up materials you need to assemble your poster. Please note that electricity will NOT be provided to the posters. There is no audio visual equipment with posters.
Many universities offer assistance in poster design and printing. Research assistants are also a good resource for figuring out how to put the poster together. 
Some good tips and examples of posters can be found at these websites:
Shipping Posters
You are responsible for shipping your poster to and from the AALS Annual Meeting.
1) The Hilton New Orleans Riverside's Business Center, second floor near the Hilton Exhibition Center, will accept mounted posters or posters rolled into a tube and shipped in care of yourself for approximately $10-20 (price is determined by the actual size and weight). Please send for delivery no earlier than three days prior to your arrival date. If you wish to send the poster back to the point of origin after the Annual Meeting, you may use your own Fedex, UPS or Airborne account or a credit card; the Business Center will charge approximately a $10-20 handling fee to ship the poster out.   If you plan to ship your poster home, please retain the box in which your poster was originally shipped since the hotel does not stock oversized boxes. 
Please note you must be a guest staying at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside in order to ship the poster in care of yourself. If you are staying at one of the overflow hotels, you will need to ship your poster to yourself at the hotel you at which you are staying.
2) Posters shipped to the hotel can be taken to the local FedexKinko's (901 Convention Center Blvd, Suite 100 (504) 585-5750) where they will mount it on foam core for $5 per square foot.
3) FedexKinko's can receive an electronic file of posters (PDF preferred), produce a poster, affix it to foam core and deliver it free of charge on orders above $50 ($20 surcharge for orders below $50) to the Hilton New Orleans Riverside (24 hour advance notice needed for delivery). The cost to produce, print and mount a poster onto foam core is $156 for a 3x4' color poster on matte paper - there is a discounted price of $130 if you also have the poster laminated; $96 for black and white up to 3' in width.
Files can be submitted to the FedexKinkos Web site( - select Print to FedexKinkos Location and follow the instructions.  You will receive an email confirmation followed by a phone call from FedexKinkos.  Files may also be sent to FedexKinko's at; 24 hour turnaround. Payment by credit card is required.
4) The exhibit decorator, Convention Handling Services (C.H.S.), offers several options for receiving and mounting posters:

Package #1 - Decorator provides 3'x 4' foam core. Presenter takes care of shipping poster to and from the Hilton New Orleans as well as affixing the poster to the foam core.  $22.50
Package #2 - Decorator will receive mounted poster and ship it back to point of origin at conclusion of the Annual Meeting.  $25.00
Package #3 - Decorator will receive unmounted poster, provide you with a 3'x4' white foam board and the materials needed to affix the poster to the board, and ship it to point of origin at conclusion of the Annual Meeting. You are responsible for affixing the poster to the foam board.  $47.50
Removing Posters at the End of the Annual Meeting
Posters should remain on the easels until Sunday, January 10, 2010. At the conclusion of the Annual Meeting, the hotel will discard any remaining posters. If you wish to keep your poster, please plan to retrieve your poster before 12:00 p.m. and return it by the various methods listed above.

Ben Barros

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