Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Global Warming as Property Problem

Matt Yglesias recently posted a report that discusses how global warming may force the redrawing of international borders:

Melting glaciers in the Alps may prompt Italy and Switzerland to redraw their borders near the Matterhorn, according to parliamentary draft legislation being readied in Rome […] “This draft law is born out the necessity to revise and verify the frontiers given the changes in climate and atmosphere,” Narducci said. “The 1941 convention between Italy and Switzerland established as criteria [for border revisions] the ridge [crest] of the glaciers. Following the withdrawal of the glaciers in the Alps, a new criterion has been proposed so that the new border coincides with the rock.” […] Narducci said the same negotiation will be proposed to France and Austria.

 Just more proof that property descriptions have real world implications...

Steve Clowney

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