Monday, January 7, 2008

First few days of property: roundup of some of our favorite posts

So the new semester's about to start and that means first year students everywhere (or at least at a lot of schools) will be reading cases like Pierson v. Post and Johnson v. M'Intosh.  So I thought I'd round up a couple of propertyprof classic posts on the 1L chestnuts.

Here's some great talk about Pierson (from Rachel Godsil).
Go to school where Heppingstone v. Mammen is taught instead of Pierson?  Check out Carl Christensen's post on "the whale case."
Don't like how your property course is beginning, here are some other ways it might have begun.
Want to get a sense of what's coming?  Check out the five minute property class.
And want to see some faculty discuss their favorite cases?  Check out Ben Barros' post on favorite cases. That discussion is always sure to stir debate over Stambosky.

And for faculty, Rose has some advice here (and me here).

Other classic posts we should be linking to here?

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