Friday, October 5, 2007

It Gets Worse Every Year

Every time I teach property, the subject of self-help repossession comes up at some point, usually in the context of a landlord's attempt to lock-out a defaulting tenant.  I inevitably want to reference the film Repo Man.  Two years ago, I got a lot of blank looks when I mentioned the '80s classic, so I now know to ask in advance how many people have seen the movie.  Last year, it was about ten out of sixty people.  This year, it was two -- count 'em, two, out of sixty.  Arrrrgh.

Ben Barros

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Ben! We're old. What do you expect. The question is: what's the 2000s version of Repo Man?

Posted by: Al | Oct 5, 2007 1:25:25 PM

What's Repo Man? Just kidding. Last year, I used Rent and it worked well.

Posted by: Rose | Oct 6, 2007 9:47:27 PM


Little known fact about Repo Man: it was produced by Mike Nesmith of The Monkeys. He had to do something with all the money he got from his mother after she invented liquid paper.



Posted by: Dan Cole | Oct 7, 2007 3:30:04 PM

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