Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Susette Kelo's Holiday Wishes

From the Hartford Courant:

Susette Kelo's holiday cards feature a snowy image of her pink house and a message that reads, in part, "Your houses, your homes, your family, your friends. May they live in misery that never ends. I curse you all. May you rot in hell. To each of you I send this spell."

The cards were conceived and produced by a friend of Kelo's and sent to city officials and members of New London's development agency.

Kelo said she also considered sending the cards to five U.S. Supreme Court justices who ruled in June 2005 that New London had the right to take homes in the Fort Trumbull neighborhood to make way for a riverfront project slated to include condominiums, a hotel and office space.

Read the article for some amusing reactions from the recipients.

Thanks to Emily Farris for the tip.

Ben Barros

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Bah, Humbug! It seems to me that Ms. Kelo has joined the war on Christmas. The ghost of Christmas Present needs to pay her a visit and take her to the Cratchit's humble home for a look see. Of course, it wouldn't hurt New London city officials (and certain Supreme Court Justices) to be taken by the spirits of Christmas to the homes of those whose lives have been destroyed by their abuse of eminent domain.

God bless us, everyone!

Posted by: Rick Duncan | Dec 21, 2006 6:59:36 AM

Ms. Kelo received compensation of $442,155 according to the article -- $300,000 above the assessed value and her actual house will be moved.

Although one would be hesitant to say that all holdouts are about the money ... one can draw one's own conclusions.

Posted by: Kurt Paulsen | Dec 21, 2006 7:05:40 AM

While my primary reaction to Ms. Kelo's holiday greetings is sadness, I wonder if the militant property rights movement which championed her cause does not encourage such a myopic "entitlement" attitude toward property rights completely devoid of any sense of obligation or attentiveness to others. If this is true then it would not be surprising that she would express such "unseasonable" comments at this time of year.

Posted by: Tim Iglesias | Dec 21, 2006 9:33:25 AM

It's not about the 440K she was "reimbursed", nor is it about the fact they moved her house to another lot in the end. It's about the fact that she lost her lot, her neighborhood, her community, her dream view of the sea (which she worked her whole life to have),her garden, her faith in the US Constitution. These are intangible losses for which there is no just compensation. If she still wants to vent in the form of a nasty Christmas card, she's earned that right. The rest of us should be grateful that there's still someone pissed off enough to remind us of the precious sacred freedoms we are losing.

Posted by: Sherri Tolren | Jan 6, 2009 8:00:26 AM

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