Thursday, December 14, 2006

Another Milestone: 50,000 Visits

Milestonewales Just passed this afternoon another milestone here--our 50,000th visit.  And looking forward to many more returns.

I thought I'd take the opportunity here to post a little bit on a more recent monument: the new Dallas football stadium.  Marc Roark sent along this link about the stadium.  I don't know much about football stadiums, though I should note that one of our nation's largest sits about a mile from my office.  Marc thought there's the possibility of some comment on the video and the boast that the stadium will be one of our planet's most recongizeable landmarks (or some similarly grand statement).  Thanks to our readers--and particularly to our content providers, Ben, Carl Christensen, Rick Duncan, Rachel Godsil, Calvin Massey, Jim Smith, and Eduardo Penalver.

The milestone from Wales is courtesy of our friends at wikipedia.

Al Brophy

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