Wednesday, November 1, 2006

'Selling my eggs could clear my debts'

From a BBC story on egg donation:

Alexandra Saunders from High Wycombe has advertised her eggs on the internet. She hopes to make some money to pay off credit card debt.

She says: "I'm 25 and I've got three jobs - one in an office in the day, two in pubs. I work five nights a week, I'm in quite a bit of debt and I just want to get it paid off really."

An article in a magazine gave Alexandra the idea of selling her eggs.

"I was sat in a doctor's waiting room and I read about it in a magazine. It just said 'sell your eggs for thirty grand' or something like that. And I went and put my name down on a couple of websites.

"It was saying about girls coming from Britain and going to America and selling their eggs. It just sounds a good idea - easy money really - and it helps someone out.

"I'm not using them so, if someone else can, it would be good and also clear me out of a hole too," she explained. . . .

Laura Witzens is a spokeswoman for the National Gamete Donation Trust. She thinks more women should be willing to donate eggs altruistically.

She said: "I think the donors want to do it because they see the dollar signs. There's a very interesting book, Confessions Of A Serial Egg Donor, and she's donated five times and she regrets it.

"These girls are typically in their 20s, haven't had families of their own, they're in debt and they want to go on to donate."

Ben Barros

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