Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Guest Blogger Rick Duncan

I'm delighted that Rick Duncan will be joining us as a guestblogger.  He's the Sherman S. Welpton, Jr. Professor of Law at the University of Nebraska College of Law.  He is a graduate of the Cornell Law School and served as an editor of the Cornell Law Review.  He teaches Property and Constitutional Law with a special emphasis on the law of religious freedom.  Duncan has written numerous books, articles, and commentaries on a wide variety of legal topics. His recent publications include two of the leading law review articles on the Free Exercise Clause, and his essay, “On Liberty and Life in Babylon: A Pilgrim’s Pragmatic Proposal,” which was published by Yale University Press in an important book about Christian Perspectives on Legal Thought.  Duncan lives on a gravel road in rural Nebraska with his wife and 5 children, and he is a lifelong citizen of Red Sox Nation.

Ben Barros

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Welcome, Rick. Looking forward to your posts.

Posted by: Al Brophy | Oct 4, 2006 10:24:54 AM

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