Sunday, August 20, 2006

Moonlighting at MoneyLaw: Law Review and Law School Rankings

Nasamoon Jim Chen has been kind enough to invite me to join his shop MoneyLaw.  I'm pleased and honored to be joining them there--along with one of my employer's here at the lawprof blog network, Paul Caron, and two people whose work I respect greatly: Ronen Perry and Tom Bell.  And I understand from Jim that a few other people will also be joining them shortly.

So I'm going to be posting a little bit over there, as well as my usual property stuff here.  I think, actually, I'll be cross-posting much of the stuff on moneylaw here as well, since moneylaw is dedicated to refining measures of quality in the legal academy.  (The motto of moneylaw is "the art of winning an unfair academic game.") 

My first post over at moneylaw talks a topic I've posted on a bunch here at propertyprof, as well: the relationship between law review citations and law school ranking.  I hope you'll visit moneylaw; it's certain to get lots and lots of attention.

(Dig the Alabama mascot in the post over at moneylaw.  Every time I see the elephant I am reminded of a conversation I had with Barbara Fedders of Harvard Law School shortly before I moved to Alabama.  She asked me what the school's mascot is.  And I had to admit that I didn't know.  But I soon found out.  Now I think of her every time I see a statute or picture of an elephant around town--which, as you might expect, is rather often.)

The image of the moon is courtesy of our friends at NASA.

Alfred L. Brophy

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