Saturday, August 26, 2006

Milestone: 33,333 vistors



We have just passed a milestone here at Properyprof--33,333 visitors.  Thanks for stopping by and contributing to the discussion of property law.  I hope you'll continue to stop by--and send your students here, too--and especially that you'll participate in the comments.  We're talking about all sorts of cool stuff: recent scholarship, recent cases (and some old ones, too), teaching methods, takings, note topics....  And I'm sure that Ben, Rachel, Calvin, and Carl are going to be saying a lot more worth reading.

Credits: The picture of a Roman milestone from St Margarethen Austria is courtesy of our friends at wikipedia.  The idea for this post came from Dave Hoffman, over at co-op.

Alfred L. Brophy

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I'm a 2L in an evening division and am currently taking property. I've been a silent lurker here for several months now, and just wanted to say thanks for all the interesting posts, especially lately. Keep up the good work - this is certainly one of the best "Prof" blogs on this network!

Posted by: Robert Carlin | Aug 26, 2006 10:05:20 PM

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