Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Carl Christensen Blogging With Propertyprof

PioneeruhIt is my pleasure to introduce Professor Carl Christensen of the University of Hawaii Law School.  Carl will be blogging with us for a while, mostly I suspect on topics of Native Americans and Native Hawaiians.  After graduating from Harvard Law School, Carl practiced with a firm in Honolulu and then with the Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation, where he argued among other cases Pioneer Mill, which we're spoken about a little.  He also spent time on the Hill, before moving to the University of Hawaii, where he teaches Native American Law, as well as historic preservation law.  Oh, yes, and before law school Carl was a biologist; he studied snails.  And as I've said before, he's a great humanitarian.

Close readers of propertyprof will recall that Carl tiped me off to a lot of posts, including the ones on Pioneer Mill and on taro.  I'm sure he'll have a lot to say about aloha jurisprudence.  You're in for a real treat--like Rachel and Calvin, Carl's a terrific conversationalist and an extraordinary lawyer.  I know his posts will be most interesting and I guarantee many will be on topics you haven't heard much about, but once you read them you'll realize you need to know all about them.

These days we've assembled an awesome group of bloggers--Ben, our leader, and our vistors (who I hope will stay for a long while) Calvin Massey, Rachel Godsil, and Carl Christensen.  We're gonna have some fun.

Endnote: The image of Pioneer Mill is from the University of Hawaii Center for Oral History.

Alfred L. Brophy


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