Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Mingardi on Rosmini's Property Theory

Alberto Mingardi (Fondazione Liberal) has posted an abstract of A Sphere Around the Person: Anonio Rosmini on Property on SSRN.  The article itself can be downloaded from the Journal of Markets and Morality's website.  Here's the abstract:

Father Antonio Rosmini-Serbati (1797–1855) is an author of growing interest and curiosity to his fellow churchmen, as well as to secular intellectuals, as a philosopher who successfully reconciled reason and faith. Nevertheless, the political nuances of his thought have barely been explored by English-speaking scholars, and even among his Italian followers these have not been fully appreciated.

This article attempts to present an overview of Rosmini's political philosophy, focusing on his concern for the protection of private property rights and arguing that it is precisely his advocacy of private property that determines his attitude toward the general organization of associated life, government, and democracy.

The organization of this investigation consists of four parts. The first provides a brief biographical sketch of Antonio Rosmini. The second tentatively enlists the main influences in the development of Rosmini's thought as far as politics and economics are concerned. The third is devoted to examining his approach toward property. The fourth examines his definition of social justice in the light of his justification of property.

I just took a quick read through this article, and it is very interesting.

Ben Barros

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