Sunday, June 4, 2006

Weekly Top Ten

Here's this week's list of SSRN's ten most downloaded recent property articles:

1. (207) The Green Costs of Kelo: Economic Development Takings and Environmental Protection, Ilya Somin and Jonathan H. Adler (George Mason University School of Law and Case Western Reserve University School of Law)

2. (203) The 'Backlash' So Far: Will Citizens Get Meaningful Eminent Domain Reform?, Timothy Sandefur (Pacific Legal Foundation - Economic Liberties Project)

3. (174) The Tragedy of the Commons and the Myth of a Private Property Solution, Amy Sinden (Temple University - James E. Beasley School of Law)

4. (97) Private Order and Public Justice: Kant and Rawls, Arthur Ripstein (Faculty of Law, University of Toronto)

5. (96) Property Law, Dean Lueck and Thomas J. Miceli (University of Arizona, University of Connecticut - Department of Economics)

6. (64) Much Ado About Nothing: Kelo v. City of New London, Sweet Home v. Babbitt, and other Tales from the Supreme Court, Marcilynn A. Burke (University of Houston - Law Center)

7. (63) Eminent Domain After Kelo v. City of New London: An Argument for Banning Economic Development Takings, Charles E. Cohen (Capital University Law School)

8. (62) The City as an Ecological Space: Social Capital and Urban Land Use, Sheila Foster (Fordham University School of Law)

9. (59) From Direct 'Public Use' to Indirect 'Public Benefit': Kelo v. New London's Bridge from Rational to Heightened Scrutiny for Eminent Domain Takings, Trent Christensen (Brigham Young University)

10. (59) Footloose at Fifty: An Introduction to the Tiebout Anniversary Essays, William A. Fischel (Dartmouth College - Department of Economics)

Ben Barros

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