Thursday, December 15, 2005

Update on Oregon's Measure 37

Todd Zywicki links to a (slightly over the top) update on the fallout from the judicial invalidation of Oregon's Measure 37.  Among other things, some Oregon voters are attempting to recall the judge who invalidated the ballot measure.  I recently linked to an interesting essay on Measure 37 and the sources of Oregon voters' discontent.

Ben Barros

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Evidently, the author of this piece believes that all Oregonians (or a majority) voted for Measure 37 because they are outraged about the state's land use system and want to turn Oregon into a libertarian utopia.

Maybe some voters really are familiar enough with this issue to have a considered judgment of the pros and cons of Measure 37.

But others came into the polling place without having thought about anything but the Presidential election, saw some pretty language on the ballot about "property rights" and voted for Measure 37 thinking it was noncontroversial.

I strongly suspect that the overwhelming majority of pro-Measure 37 voters fall into the latter category.

But without exit polls or similar polling data, we'll probably never know.

Posted by: Michael Lewyn | Dec 15, 2005 7:29:19 AM

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