Friday, October 7, 2005

Weekly Top Ten

Here is the list of the top 10 papers by download in the last 60 days for SSRN's Journal of Property, Land Use & Real Estate Law (with total number of downloads in parens after the rank).  Those of you who read other blogs in the Law Professor Blogs Network know that this is a regular feature of our blogs, and it will appear here on Fridays every week.  I'm as surprised at #2 as anyone.

1.  (95)  A Freedom-Promoting Approach to Property: A Renewed Tradition for New Debates, Jedediah S. Purdy (Duke University - School of Law)

2.  (86)  At Last, Some Clarity: The Potential Long-Term Impact of Lingle v. Chevron and the Separation of Takings and Substantive Due Process, Benjamin Barros (Widener University - School of Law)

3.  (53)  Private Property, Development and Freedom: On Taking Our Own Advice, Steven J. Eagle (George Mason University - School of Law)

4.  (51)  Grave Matters: The Ancient Rights of the Graveyard, Alfred L. Brophy (University of Alabama - School of Law)

5.  (48)  Unsubsidizing Suburbia, Nicole Stelle Garnett (Notre Dame Law School)

6.  (47)  Efficient Trespass: The Case for 'Bad Faith' Adverse Possession, Lee Anne Fennell (University of Illinois College of Law)

7.  (42)  Rethinking the Perpetual Nature of Conservation Easements, Nancy A. McLaughlin (University of Utah - S.J. Quinney College of Law)

8.  (42)  Default, Credit Scoring, and Loan-to-Value: A Theoretical Analysis Under Competitive and Non-Competitive Mortgage Markets, Danny Ben-Shahar (Interdisciplinary Center Herzliyah - Arison School of Business)

9.  (40)  There's No Place Like Home: Homestead Exemption and Judicial Constructions of Family in Nineteenth-Century America, Alison D. Morantz (Stanford University - Law School)

10.  (39)  Of Rainbows and Rivers: Lessons for Telecommunications Spectrum Policy from Transitions in Property Rights and Commons in Water Law, Dale B. Thompson, (Economics Dept., St. Cloud State)

Ben Barros

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