Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Curse You Ann Althouse

Like most bloggers, I spend a lot of time reading other blogs.  In fact, I got into blogging in part because I figured that since I spend so much time reading blogs, I might as well write one (this very well might be a blogging cliche; I think I've heard it before, though I'm not sure).

So I was checking in at Althouse this morning, and came across this post on how often bloggers check Site Meter.  I'm new to blogging, so all I knew about Site Meter was that it tracked the number of visitors to this site.  Sadly, Althouse opened my eyes to the true procrastination potential of Site Meter.  I can check where people visiting the site are geographically located.  Even better, I can have this info posted on a map of the world!  Someone from France visited yesterday!  I can check if they were guided to the site by another site.  Said person from France appeared to have arrived here from a Google search, and probably left unsatisfied.  And I can learn all sorts of other fascinating but generally useless info.  It's like crack -- I can't stop.

Add this to Technorati, which I learned about from the diabolical Dan Solove over at Concurring Opinions, and now I'm not getting anything done.

But I am having fun!

Ben Barros

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