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January 7, 2009


New CPSC law has continued to turn into a big mess.  See my CPSIA article that is current as of today.  Includes a discussion of CPSC actions taken yesterday on various proposals concerning lead and testing requirements.  Also discusses what things are on tap for the next month.

Kenneth Ross

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National bankrupty day! I can tell you my customers are freaking out. They are getting qoutes for 10-20K dollars to test their small groups.

I do various garment dyeing treatments and screen printing and this law demands 3 tests for each color and style! Add a print element multiply by $500 bucks and BANG your out of business! If you garment 3 style in 5 colors and then add a screen print the combinations are endless. There some talk that each dyelot should get certified. Well we also tiedye our dyelots are technically one piece.If we make goods from Domestic fabrics they should be exempt from lead testing. If our domestic dyes are clear of lead than they should be exempt from this test as well. A small manufacturer cannot afford this added cost and who ever wrote it clearly never worked in our industry. I'd like to meet this wizard of LOZ.

Posted by: Mark | Jan 19, 2009 9:06:47 AM

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