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January 8, 2008

Nancy Nord Emphasizes Retail Safety in National Press Club Speech

A Wall Street Journal article by M.P. McQueen summarizes Nancy Nord's National Press Club comments on January 7.  The highlights:

•  The News: The CPSC may increase scrutiny of retailers and require them to test products they sell to certify their safety.
•  The Background: The agency has focused primarily on product manufacturers but cited an increase in products made abroad for the shift.
•  The Plan: The CPSC expects to expand inspection of imported goods using new funds appropriated by Congress.Ms. Nord, speaking at the National Press Club in Washington, said the agency will focus additional attention on retailers if pending product-safety legislation before Congress passes, requiring retailers to make sure that products they sell are tested and certified for safety because they, along with manufacturers, bear the legal responsibility for the safety of products they sell.


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