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January 2, 2008

"Dubious Data Awards" from STATS

A consumeraffairs.com article notes the year's "Dubious Data Awards" from STATS (non-profit Statistical Assessment Service), which is affiliated with George Mason University.  It  "highlights the top-ten abuses of science and statistics in the media," according to Don Rieck, STATS spokesperson.  The intent of STATS is to "correct scientific misinformation in the media resulting from bad science, politics, or a simple lack of information or knowledge."  An example from the article is the "Battle of the Bottles":

Reacting to media reports in the San Francisco Chronicle and elsewhere, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsome banned plastic water bottles because they contained “toxic” phthalates. What the Mayor and the media missed was that plastic bottles are made with a different chemical that happens to have a similar sounding name -- polyethylene terephthalate, which STATS said is a harmless polyester.


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