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December 16, 2007

New Lawsuits Against AMO Over Recalled Contact Lens Solution

A Schmidt & Clark press press release notes that twenty additional lawsuits were filed the past week against Advanced Medical Optics, Inc., a contact lens solution maker, in state court in Los Angeles and Orange Counties in California.  The plaintiffs reside in California and numerous states.  The suits are based on alleged injuries caused AMO's Complete® brand of contact lens disinfectant solutions, and seek compensatory and punitive damages.  AMO voluntarily recalled Complete® MoisturePlus™ multipurpose solution on May 25 at the FDA's request after the Centers for Disease Control linked the solution to the outbreak of Acanthamoeba keratitis, a serious corneal infection.  The plaintiffs in the case are alleging that AMO was aware that its solution was ineffective against the infection-causing organism and even altered the formula in a way that increased the risk of disease, yet did not warn consumers of the risk.  The suits add to numerous other suits already filed.  The new suits follow the ruling of a California state judge ordering the consolidation of all past and future cases in a single court.


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