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October 27, 2006

FDA Warns of Dangers of Using Decorative Contact Lenses

In an October 27 press release the FDA has reminded consumers of the serious dangers of using decorative contact lenses without consulting an eyecare professional.  The lenses, sometimes called Plano or non-corrective lenses, are not intended to correct vision but solely to change the appearance of the eye.  They nonetheless carry serious risks, including permanent eye injury that may lead to blindness.   The FDA has received reports of the lenses being marketed and distributed without a prescription directly to consumers through sources such as beauty salons, flea markets, convenience stores, beach shops and the Internet.  The marketing of the lenses may increase during the Halloween season.  The lenses carry the same risks as corrective contact lenses, including conjunctivitis (pink eye); corneal (the eye's outermost layer) ulcers; corneal abrasion; and vision impairment or blindness.   The FDA has received reports of corneal ulcers associated with the wearing of decorative lenses, especially if worn overnight.


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