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June 1, 2006

CPSC Is After Amateur Chemists

Anti-meth and anti-fireworks legislation is having a chilling effect on amateur chemists and the sale of chemicals that can be used illegally.  "We have turned our attention to the chemical components used in the manufacture of illegal fireworks, which can cause amputation and death," announced a Consumer Product Safety Commission spokesperson.  An article in Wired magazine says that a 2004 study by the CPSC found that two percent of fireworks-related injuries that year were caused by homemade or altered fireworks; the majority (presumably the subject of products liability suits) involved the mishandling of commercial firecrackers, bottle rockets, and sparklers.  The CPSC has "fostered a very close relationship with the Justice Department and we're out there on the Internet looking to see who is promoting these core chemicals.  Fireworks is one area where we're putting people in prison." 

Talk about taking the fun out of the Fourth of July!


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