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March 29, 2006

Consumer Product Safety Commission Releases New Helmet Guide

At a March 29, 2006 Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), press event, Chairman Hal Stratton released a new guide "Which Helmet for Which Activity." |PDF| The guide was released in conjunction with "Brain Injury Awareness Month."  The CPSC believes that the guide will aid consumers in determining the best type of helmet to use for their activities to prevent head and brain injuries.  Different activities require different helmets.  Each helmet type is designed to protect your head from the impact that can take place in the particular sport for which the helmet is designed.  The helmets are intended to absorb most of the impact energy in a fall.  Bicylists, for example, can reduce their risk of head injury by 85% and brain injury by 88 percent by wearing helmets, according to a New England Journal of Medicine study.  CPSC estimates that in 2004, bicyclists received about 151,000 head injuries that were treated in hospital emergency rooms and skateboarders had 18,000 head injuries resulting in emergency room visits.  Many of the head injuries could have been avoided through proper helmet usage.


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