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February 14, 2006

Setting the Record Straight

The Long Island Rail Road declared in a press release today that it wished to set the historical record straight.  An accident that occured in August of 1924 at the LIRR's East New York Station in Brooklyn resulted in injuries to Helen Palsgraf.  Palsgraf was injured when LIRR employees attempted to assist an unidentified man to board one of it's commuter trains.  In the process, the man dropped a package which caused an explosion that toppled a large scale.  Palsgraf was injured by the falling scale.  She sued the LIRR and prevailed at trial.  However, the jury's verdict in her favor was overturned on appeal.  Even though the company escaped liability, "we feel that history has judged us wrongly and that many feel that Mrs. Palsgraf's injuries were our fault," said a spokesperson for the railroad.  "Perhaps Ms. Palsgraf should have brought a products liability claim against the scale manufacturer," speculated the spokesperson.  "However, we truly believe that Palsgraf's injuries were really her own fault."  Citing Vice President Cheney's explanation for why he recently shot a friend while bird hunting in Texas, the spokesperson went on to say, "Just as the Vice President's friend is to blame for being shot by standing in the wrong place at the wrong time, we feel that Mrs. Palsgraf was to blame for standing where the scale could topple over on her." 


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