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July 29, 2008

Of interest to those attending AALS this year: Healthcare and the Poor

The AALS Section on Socio-Economics is providing a concurrent session in this year's Annual Meeting Program, entitled "Healthcare and Poor and Working People." 

Here are the participants:

  • Arthur La France  - Moderator: (Lewis and Clark)   
  • Kenneth Gattner (Oregon Health and Science University)
  • Sharona Hoffman (Case Western)
  • Frances Miller (Boston University)

And here is the program description:

"The panel will address current healthcare developments of very different kinds, with a focus on how each affects the poor and working people. Professor Frances Miller of Boston University will discuss the Massachusetts healthcare reforms, one year out, with comparison to the Hawaii experience,  now decades out. Senior Associate Dean Sharona Hoffman of Case Western will discuss the national electronic health records reforms and their capacity to reduce health disparities. Professor Kenneth Gattner of Oregon Health and Science University will discuss the successes in pediatric oncology and the implications for adult cancer treatment among poverty patients. In varying degrees, each of these important developments stems from, or has implications for, social economics and justice. The panel will be chaired by Professor Arthur LaFrance of Lewis & Clark Law School."

As in years past, there are a  number of other sessions in this year's Socio-Economics program that have a bearing on the interests of poor and working people.  These sessions include "Family Formation and Wealth Inequality," Socio-Economic Perspectives on Sub-Prime Lending,"  "Wealth Distribution, Efficiency and Growth,"  "Corporate Governance, Fiduciary Duties and Social Responsibility," "Socio-Economics and Racial Justice," "The Inefficient Capital Market Hypothesis" and "Socio-Economics and the Critical Schools." 

-Thanks to Jeff Selbin, Art LaFrance, and Robert Ashford.  E.R. erosser@wcl.american.edu 

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