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June 20, 2008

Crime and Section 8 Placements from Atlantic Monthly

This month's Atlantic Monthly features a potentially troubling story worth checking out.  Hanna Rosin, "American Murder Mystery," Atlantic Monthly, July/Aug 2008.  Note, clicking through the pages of the story at the bottom of the first webpage reveals more photos and video content. 

Teaser from the article: "On the merged map, dense violent-crime areas are shaded dark blue, and Section8 addresses are represented by little red dots. All of the dark-blue areas are covered in little red dots, like bursts of gunfire. ... Nobody in the antipoverty community and nobody in city leadership was going to welcome the news that the noble experiment that they’d been engaged in for the past decade had been bringing the city down, in ways they’d never expected." 

-Heads up courtesy of Susan Bennett.  E.R. [email protected]

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