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March 19, 2008

Some not so interesting papers of mine (on Remittances and Obligations of Privilege)

                        Please excuse the self-promoting post regarding two of my articles...

One of my articles just got published in its final version: Ezra Rosser, Obligations of Privilege, 32 N.Y.U. REV. L. & SOC. CHANGE 1 (2007).  The abstract is below:

Little attention is paid to the nature of the high incomes of the rich or to the legal and norm-based obligations the rich owe society. This popular and scholarly inattention reflects the general acceptance of the idea that the rich have earned their high incomes and owe society little. After considering income equations revealing society’s role in high incomes and identifying the existing obligations of the rich, the article urges a strengthening of the obligations of the rich and rejects the argument that the legal community ought not consider the moral demands associated with high incomes.

I also just posted to SSRN a draft of an article on a topic getting a lot of NYTimes coverage this year: Ezra Rosser, Remittances, Forthcoming 41 CONN. L. REV. __ (2008). Abstract below:

Remittances, the sending of money from immigrants back to their home countries, are the newest anti-poverty, development activity of the poor to be applauded by international institutions and economists. Exceeding foreign aid and private investment to many developing countries, remittances are being hailed as a new, untapped resource with powerful poverty alleviation and potentially development attributes. After presenting the poverty, developmental, and economic characteristics of this new transnational connection between immigrants and their loved ones, as well as the dangerous effects of excessive remittance regulation, this paper argues that remittances should be understood as an anti-poverty tool, but not as a route to development. 

-E.R. erosser@wcl.american.edu


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