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March 18, 2008

Financial Meltdown Editorials

Dsc_0128 The big news of the last few days, the continuing financial meltdown of Wall Street, tied partly to subprime loans and partly to poor regulation/poor choices and risky behavior, has generated a number of interesting editorials.  Here is a selection (photo for Bear market--perhaps too cute):

  • E.J. Dionne Jr., "The Street on Welfare," Washington Post March 18, 2008.
  • Robert J. Samuelson, "How This Crisis is Different," Washington Post March 18, 2008.
  • Alex Tabarrok, "Home Sweet Investment," New York Times March 18, 2008 (a more positive take on where the housing market is headed and the fundamentals of housing)
  • Editorial, "Who Will Come to the Rescue?" New York Times March 18, 2008 (good overview).
  • And of course a favorite: Paul Krugman, "The B Word," New York Times March 17, 2008 (definitely worth reading on the coming bailout, ending ominously, "things are falling apart as you read this").

-E.R. erosser@wcl.american.edu   

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