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September 7, 2007

New York Times Series - Age of Riches & Border Crossings

The New York Times is in the midst of a series entitled "Age of Riches" that focuses on "the effects of the growing concentration of wealth."  The series homepage is here, and there are two multimedia graphics associated with the series: one on the cost of living in Silicon Valley and one an interesting interactive graphic on the richest Americans in history arranged in reverse wealth order.  The three articles focus on charitable deductions, millionaires who do not feel rich, and the perspective of the wealthy on the new gilded age

The New York Times is also publishing a series written by Jason DeParle entitled "Border Crossings" that examines "global migration and its consequences."  The series, available here is a continuation of DeParle's earlier Sunday Times Magazine article on remittances that I have posted about before and so far includes four articles (focusing on different aspects of the effect of migration in India, skilled workers, Dubai, and Cape Verde) and three slide shows and an interactive global snapshot of international migration

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