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September 6, 2007

International Poverty Law - Lucy Williams & Call for Papers

An isolated understanding of poverty that overlooks international aspects of poverty risks a lot (from not putting the U.S. experience in context in a poverty law class to having a myopic research agenda), something that came across from a pile of Lucy Williams' recent work that a friend gave me to share on this blog. 

The Comparative Research Programme on Poverty of the International Social Science Council has a call for papers that might be of interest to those with command of Spanish.  The conference, “Pobreza, integración económica y comercio internacional” with a Sep. 17th deadline for a Quito, Ecuador conference taking place on Nov. 27-29, 2007; details here

International_poverty_law         CROP published two books Williams worked on:

          • Law and Poverty: The Legal System and Poverty Reduction (Lucy Williams, Asbjorn Kjonstad & Peter Robson eds.; 2003) (coverage of issues from a range of countries).
          • International Poverty Law: An Emerging Discourse (Lucy Williams ed., 2006).

    And in addition, two other Williams publications may be of interest:

          • Lucy A. Williams, Issues and Challenges in Addressing Poverty and Legal Rights: A Comparative United States/South African Analysis, 21 South African J. on Human Rights 436 (2005). 
          • Lucy A. Williams, Poor Women's Work Experiences: Gaps in the "Work/Family" Discussion, Ch. 9 in Labour Law, Work, and Family (Joanne Conaghan & Kerry Rittich eds., 2005). 

- E.R. erosser@wcl.american.edu

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Anyone doing research in "international poverty law" might find my bibliography useful: "The Ethics, Economics & Politics of Global Distributive Justice: A Transdisciplinary Bibliography." I will send a copy along to anyone upon request: patrickseamus"at"[use symbol]hotmail.com

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