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August 5, 2007

Low-Income Workers and the Federal Tax System

The articles from American University Law Review's Janet R. Spragen's Memorial Symposium on Low-Income Workers and the Federal Tax System are available online.  I have only read Dennis Ventry's article and recommend it, but the other articles look like they also should be of interest to those interested in Poverty topics. 

The Janet R. Spragens Memorial Symposium:  Low-Income Workers and the Federal Tax System


In Memory of Professor Janet R. Spragens
Nancy J. Altman

Professor Janet Spragens:  In Memory of a Friend, In Celebration of an Idea
Nancy S. Abramowitz


Thinking About Conflicting Gravitational Pulls  LITCS: The Academy and the IRS
Nancy S. Abramowitz

Social Security and the Low-Income Worker
Nancy J. Altman

Freakonomics and the Tax Gap:  An Applied Perspective
Leslie Book

Constitutional Review and Tax Law: An Analytical Framework
Yoseph Edrey

No Wealthy Parent Left Behind:  An Analysis of Tax Subsidies For Higher Education
Andrew D. Pike

Welfare By Any Other Name:  Tax Transfers and the EITC
Dennis J. Ventry, Jr.


Cruelty to the Mentally Ill:  An Eighth Amendment Challenge to the Abolition of the Insanity Defense
Stephen M. LeBlanc

A Final Salute to Lost Soldiers:  Preserving the Freedom of Speech at Military Funerals
Andrea Cornwell 


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