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July 27, 2007

Paul Caron's Birthday

Happy 50th Birthday to Paul Caron, the uniting force of the Law Professor Blogs Network!  Congratulations!

In honor of his birthday, I thought I would provide a couple of links to postings that are of interest to readers of this blog. 

Happy Birthday! -E.R.

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July 25, 2007

Legal Fellowships for Graduates

Of particular interest to rising 3Ls but also to Professors advising promising students:

This spring I dealt with a number of students who came up to me with career questions about working on poverty related issues in the final month before they graduated.  While some had luck, many were frustrated, and I was frustrated--had they thought about this earlier, they could have applied for a number of fellowships and had a better chance of getting in the door of the non-profit law organizations they were interested in. 

Most fellowships require a substantial lead time, and often careful communication with the placing organization, and many have a lengthy process, but that being said, they offer the chance for students to figure out what they really want to do and to begin thinking about what is really important.  But timing is really important (another reason it is worth spreading awareness of fellowships is to counter the idea that all that is available is firm work). 

A brief overview of fellowships and the process, with some of the biggest fellowships individually identified, is available here.  As I tell my students, each one should be an expert in their own job hunt, thus while professors and careers services/public interest offices can be helpful, they should find all the fellowships that could possibly cover what they want to do.  Another resource that is very helpful and that all students should seek out of their school's career service office is Harvard's Serving the Public: A Job Search Guide, see Fellowships, Chapter 9. 

But the key thing is to go into your 3L Fall already having begun, not waiting until Spring to start thinking about what you actually want to do with your law degree.

-E.R. erosser@wcl.american.edu

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July 10, 2007

Villanova Conference: Catholic Social Teaching on the Market, The State, and The Law

Villanova is hosting a conference Sept. 21, 2007 entitled "Catholic Social Teaching on the Market, The State, and The Law" that may be of interest to those interested in poverty.  The conference flyer is available here.  Courtesy of a posting on http://lsolum.typepad.com/legaltheory/.

-E.R. erosser@wcl.american.edu

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July 9, 2007

Conditional Cash Transfers

Interest in Conditional Cash Transfers (CCTs) seems to be expanding.  According to Alain de Janvry (World Bank, Univ. of Cal.), CCTs are  cash transfers to a qualifying household or individual under a behavioral condition.  See, Proceedings of the 3rd International CCTs Conference (Videos and other material from the conference are available here). 

More info on CCTs can be found through the following resources:

NYC Mayor, and potential 3rd party Presidential candidate, Michael Bloomberg proposed in June a CCT system to provide educational, health, and workforce incentives.  Details of the incentives can be found here and the mayor's press release is here.  NYTimes coverage (Times Select required) is here, and the AP story via Fox News is here

Of course, all welfare that is not based on status (such as citizen stakes) alone can be characterized as CCTs, but the NYC plan does seek more particular behavioral improvements. 

(My own feeling about this is some skepticism, but that was recently tested by a family friend from a modest background who actively discourages the study habits of her hard working and academically talented son.)

-E.R. erosser@wcl.american.edu

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July 3, 2007

Course Packs and Poverty Law Reading Lists

El_espino_sky_and_water_2 I know classes are far from people's minds, but it is time to start preparing...

For any professor willing to share their syllabus/reading lists for their Poverty law / Welfare law class, I would like to collect such syllabi (by email to me) as soon as possible and post them so that others can get ideas of good readings and assignments as they prepare for the next school year (and so they can do so in time to meet whatever local procedures are required to put together course packets to be photocopied). 

-E.R. erosser@wcl.american.edu

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School (Re)Segregation Cases / School Affirmative Action Cases

Here I am merely going to provide links to resources related to the two cases. 

The Court's opinion in the two school district cases (characterize what the Court did as you will) is here: Opinion for Parents Involved in Community Schools v. Seattle School District

Oral Arguments:

Findlaw provides a page with links to many of the briefs submitted in both Parents Involved in Community Schools v. Seattle School District and in Meredith v. Jefferson County Board of Education.

N.Y. Times coverage here, here, and here.

Jonathan Kozol, a leading expert on education has written the following that relate to these two cases:

-E.R. erosser@wcl.american.edu

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