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June 22, 2007

Edwards' Poverty Organization a Front?

In a race with one candidate making poverty (which he describes in terms of "two Americas"), and with other candidates much less focused on poverty, it perhaps is inevitable that this blog will excessively cover Edwards, so here is another installment...

The New York Times reports, June 22, 2007, that Edwards' Center for Promise and Opportunity (and the funding received for that non-profit) largely was used to benefit Edwards and to fund efforts that supported his poverty work but also activities that seem more tangential, though of course related in the sense that everything is related (the N.Y. Times highlights trainings and seminars on Iraq as an example). 

[As a complete aside, but perhaps of interest to blog readers, one of my deans just made me aware that professors can get a free subscription to Times Select by clicking on this link and filling out the form.]

-E.R. [email protected]

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