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April 24, 2007


UPDATE: Letters in response to DeParle's article, including my own letter, have been published by the NYTimes Sunday Magazine in the May 6 publication, and are available here.  click here.

22magcov3951 My poverty research this summer is focusing on remittances... normally I will not post on such a personally interesting but perhaps not broadly interesting topic (when I care a lot about something it is hard to me not to question whether others do care as much), but once again Jason DeParle came out with a very good article, this time on remittances.  "A Good Provider is One Who Leaves" is the cover story of the April 22, 2007 N.Y. Times Sunday Magazine.  Remittances (the sending of money home by immigrants) have recieved a great deal of attention in recent years, particularly in the economic development community, not so much in the legal community. 

A number of international organizations have recently released remittance reports (a small sample focusing on Latin America -- DeParle focused on the Philippines -- is below):

Since this is a topic I am working on there is of course much more that could be added (one quick thing, if you are interested in remittances, Manuel Orozco's work deserves special attention), but for now DeParle's article provided an excuse to blog about remittances.  - E.R. erosser@wcl.american.edu

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