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March 19, 2007

Poverty Law Readings and Textbooks

For those teaching Poverty Law or a related class, there are a number of possible textbooks or readers, but I suspect that most teach primarily from a course packet.  The number one student complaint on my evaluations last semester involved the readings I assigned, therefore, it seems like a good idea to collect sample syllabus or ideas about good readings into different lists so that we can make informed decisions about what to assign. 
The textbooks--of differing degrees of relevance and fit with a Poverty Law course--that I have found are: Nice and Trubek's Poverty Law (West, 1997 and 1999 Supplement).  This is the most on point textbook; however, the clear limitation with this textbook is how dated it is... Trubek's website does suggest an update is forthcoming.   

Jordan_harris_economic_justice For those opting to use something other than the Nice & Trubeck textbook, Jordan and Harris's Economic Justice (Foundation, 2005) contains many good readings and could be an alternative textbooks, as can be their subset of readings contain in their "When Markets Fail" series that take up some of the Economic Justice issues in smaller bites (for example "Gender and Economics," "Race and Economics," and "Alternative Perspectives on Economics").   

Power_privilege_and_law Other options include Mahoney, Calmore & Wildman's Social Justice (West, 2003) or moving to a race-based approach to poverty law, many of the subordination or critical race textbooks begin to be more attractive.  A good, though dated, textbook from that perspective is Bender & Braveman's Power, Privilege and Law: A Civil Rights Reader (West, 1995). 

If you know of other reading options, I will add to the list (both my own and a topical list on this blog).  - E.R. erosser@wcl.american.edu

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