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Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly Publishes August 2016 Issue

NVSQ August 2016The Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly has published its August 2016 issue. Here is the table of contents:


  • From the Editors’ Desk, Femida HandyJeffrey L. Brudneyand Lucas C. P. M. Meijs 


  • Managing Identity Conflicts in Organizations: A Case Study of One Welfare Nonprofit OrganizationRobert H. ChenhallMatthew Halland David Smith
  • Volunteer Management: Responding to the Uniqueness of VolunteersSibylle Studer

  • Why So Many Measures of Nonprofit Financial Performance? Analyzing and Improving the Use of Financial Measures in Nonprofit Research, Christopher R. Prentice

  • Exploring Gender Differences in Charitable Giving: The Dutch CaseArjen De Wit and René Bekkers 

  • Does Motivation Matter for Employer Choices? A Discrete-Choice Analysis of Medical Students’ Decisions Among Public, Nonprofit, and For-Profit HospitalsVera Winter and Julia Thaler 
  • Donor Reaction to Salient Disclosures of Nonprofit Executive Pay: A Regression-Discontinuity ApproachBrian Galle and David I. Walker 
  • Nascent Nonprofit Entrepreneurship: Exploring the Formative Stage of Emerging Nonprofit OrganizationsFredrik O. Andersson
  • Modern Portfolio Theory and Nonprofit Arts Organizations: Identifying the Efficient FrontierNathan J. GrasseKayla M. Whaleyand Douglas M. Ihrke 
  • Transparency in Reporting on Charities’ Efficiency: A Framework for AnalysisNoel Hyndman and Danielle McConville 

Book Reviews

  • Book Review: Volunteering in Australia by M. Oppenheimer and J. Warburton (Eds.), Richard Lynch
  • Book Review: Governing Cross-Sector Collaboration by J. Forrer, J. Kee, and E. Boyer, Stuart C. Mendel
  • Book Review: Mobilizing Communities: Asset Building as a Community Development Strategy by G. P. Green and A. Goetting (Eds.), Anne Namatsi Lutomia
  • Book Review: Giving to Help, Helping to Give: The Context and Politics of African Philanthropy by T. A. Aina, and B. Moyo (Eds.) and The Handbook of Civil Society in Africa by E. Obadare (Ed.), Mary Kay Gugerty

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