Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Interesting Source Documents re: 501(c)(4) application for exemption

One of the few beneficial effects of the faux scandal regarding the IRS' treatment of 501(c)(4) entities is likely to be public access to lots of stuff that would otherwise not be accessible.  Stuff that might be useful for someone teaching or writing about charities, social welfare organizations and political activity.  For instance, you can find almost the entire case file pertaining to Americans for Responsible Leadership's application for tax exemption here.  For those of us who are not in the trenches often enough (or maybe don't have a life!), this actually makes for interesting reading.



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the file on its face shows direct electioneering. when IRS asks (page 12) did you make other advocacy expenditures not reported to FEC, the applicant in effect answers "no comment." so why does this get through?

Posted by: russ willis | Apr 16, 2014 9:39:15 AM

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