Sunday, February 16, 2014

Kansas YMCA organizations fear House Bill 2498

If the Kansas legislature passes House Bill 2498 there would no longer be a property tax exemption for “organizations providing humanitarian services with more than 40 percent of revenue derived from membership sales.” The taxation of YMCAs seems to be a hot topic in Kansas because of Senate Bill 72, which would give a “property tax break to the for-profit fitness clubs across Kansas.”

The chief executive of Greater Wichita YMCA, Dennis Schoenebeck, claims leveling the playing field among nonprofit organizations and for-profit companies engaged in fitness programs ignores their diverse missions.

What arguments can me made to support Schoenebcek’s claims? Are YMCA organizations entitled to property tax-exemptions or have they become too much like for-profit corporations? What is troubling, if anything, about private gyms viewing YMCAs as competitors and not charities?


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