Friday, November 29, 2013

Washington Post: New Rules Bring Both Clarity and Confusion

I'll admit it: I've been closely following the release of the proposed new Treasury regulations governing political advocacy of 501(c)(4) organizations.  Today's Washington Post asserts that the new rules bring both clarity and confusion to a broken system.  The Post's article begins by acknowleding that the rules governing the political activities of nonprofit advocacy groups is "an area of the tax code that has been crying out for greater clarity."  According to the newspaper, while the "proposed regulation unvieled Tuesday by the Treasury Department draws the boundaries clearly," they "instantly kicked off intense debate about whether the lines are in the right place."

According to the Post,

One phrase in the official notice summed up the imperfect nature of the exercise.  The new rules, the department said, "may be both more restrictive and more permissive than the current approach."

Notwithstanding the apparent confusion, the Post acknowledges what we all know: the system was broken and needed to be fixed.




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