Sunday, September 29, 2013

Law Schools Seek Business Input

Last Wednesday I blogged about Georgetown Law's finiancial boot camp. Today I write to report that Georgetown is not the only law school seeking to give its students a sense of the business world.  The National Law Journal is reporting that "a growing number of law schools are borrowing a page from the MBA playbook and adding courses intended to give students a foundation in business, in addition to the law."  The other schools profiled in the Journal report are Elon University School of Law, University of Pennsylvania Law School, Harvard Law School, University of Michigan Law School and University of Colorado Law School

According to the Journal, the business courses now taught at these law schools are an outgrowth of the rising demand for law graduates to have some real-world legal experience.  In the past, legal educators believed that law students could obtain this experience through clinics and externships.  Not any more.  Legal educators

...are now starting to take a broader view of what, exactly, prepares a student to practice law.  They're realizing that basic business and management skills would prove useful whether the student ends up counseling corporate clients, goes solo or works in a small nonprofit.

I applaud the new trend.  May it last well into the future.

I have enjoyed blogging this past week.  Tomorrow, one of my colleagues will take over the blogging duties.  I thank my recently-graduated former student, Ibukun Adepoju, for helping me spot stories for blogging.  May she have peace of mind as she awaits the results of the July bar exam.


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