Friday, August 2, 2013

Louisiana Pursues Noncompliant NGOs to Return $4.4 Million in State Funding

As set forth in a July 29th news release, State Treasurer John Kennedy is pursuing 36 non-governmental organizations who have failed to comply with Louisiana state law requiring them as recipients of state appropriations to provide progress reports and other documentation to the Treasury to maintain their funding.  If an organization fails to comply with these reporting provisions, it is required by law to return in full the state appropriation to the Treasury.  Kennedy stated  that "[w]hile most NGOs have worked in good faith with our office and have been in compliance, these 36 organizations have become the most flagrant violators of these important requirements."  If these organizations do not fulfill their required reporting obligations by August 31st, the organizations will owe approximately $4.452 million dollars to the Treasury, who will turn over collection to the State's Office of Debt Recovery.

[See also Kennedy:  NGOs owe $4.4M to state]


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