Thursday, July 18, 2013

Colombo: Law Schools Running Their Own Law Firms

John ColomboJohn Colombo (Illinois) has posted The Federal Tax Exemption Aspects of Law Schools Running Their Own Law Firms.  Here is the abstract:

A current hot topic in legal education is the law-school-sponsored law firm. Bradley T. Borden and Robert J. Rhee introduced the idea in a short article published in the South Carolina Law Review and the concept was soon picked up by articles in the National Law Journal, the ABA Journal and others. The purpose of this essay is to explore the federal tax-exemption and UBIT questions raised by the law-school-sponsored law firm. I conclude that a law firm operated as a single-member LLC with the sponsoring law school as the single member offers the best protection for the law school's underlying exempt status, and also should avoid issues with the UBIT.


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