Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pennsylvania Perspectives on Nonprofits’ Support of Local Governments

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette features a story that presents a rather friendly spin on PILOTS and other financial contributions made by Pennsylvania nonprofits, ranging from donations derived from a local church’s vacation Bible school fundraiser for a police canine unit, to annual $30,000 PILOTS made by Seton Hill University.  Most of the story reflects a governmental perspective based on positive assessments of the contributions of nonprofits to the community, yet with expectations that nonprofits contribute financially to at least some functions provided by government. 

The article also floats another idea – that state law be modified “to assess a universal fee based on a building's square footage to offset some of a community's costs for fire, police, street repair and snow removal.”  Assessing nonprofits reasonable fees for certain government services, rather than either normal property taxes or case-by-case PILOTS, strikes me as an approach worth considering.     


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