Friday, December 28, 2012

NVSQ December 2012 Issue Now Available

NVSQThe December 2012 issue of the Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly is now available online.  Here is the table of contents:

  • Femida Handy, Jeffrey L. Brudney,and Lucas C.P.M. Meijs, From the Editor's Desk
  • James E. Austin and Maria May Seitanidi, Collaborative Value Creation: A Review of Partnering Between Nonprofits and Businesses. Part 2: Partnership Processes and Outcomes
  • Amanda Moore McBride, Benjamin J. Lough, and Margaret Sherrard Sherraden, International Service and the Perceived Impacts on Volunteers
  • Graham Dover and Thomas B. Lawrence, The Role of Power in Nonprofit Innovation
  • Weiwei Lin and Gregg G. Van Ryzin, Web and Mail Surveys: An Experimental Comparison of Methods for Nonprofit Research
  • Beth Gazley, Laura Littlepage, and Teresa A. Bennett, What About the Host Agency? Nonprofit Perspectives on Community-Based Student Learning and Volunteering
  • Gregory D. Saxton, Jenn-Shyong Kuo, and Yi-Cheng Ho, The Determinants of Voluntary Financial Disclosure by Nonprofit Organizations
  • Tim Vantilborgh, Jemima Bidee, Roland Pepermans, Jurgen Willems, Gert Huybrechts, and Marc Jegers, Volunteers’ Psychological Contracts: Extending Traditional Views
  • Teck-Yong Eng, Chih-Yao Gordon Liu, and Yasmin Kaur Sekhon, The Role of Relationally Embedded Network Ties in Resource Acquisition of British Nonprofit Organizations
  • Chris Cornforth, Nonprofit Governance Research: Limitations of the Focus on Boards and Suggestions for New Directions
  • Chi-kan Richard Hung and Paul Ong, Sustainability of Asian-American Nonprofit Organizations in U.S. Metropolitan Areas
  • Rebecca Nesbit, The Influence of Major Life Cycle Events on Volunteering
  • Hans Peter Schmitz, Paloma Raggo, and Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken, Accountability of Transnational NGOs: Aspirations vs. Practice
  • Simona Haivas, Joeri Hofmans, and Roland Pepermans, Self-Determination Theory as a Framework for Exploring the Impact of the Organizational Context on Volunteer Motivation: A Study of Romanian Volunteers
  • Eric Bidet, Overcoming Labor Market Problems and Providing Social Services: Government and Civil Society Collaboration in South Korea
  • Michael R. Sosin, Social Expectations, Constraints, and Their Effect on Nonprofit Strategies
Research Note
  • Christian Hopp, For Better or for Worse?—Nonprofit Experience and the Performance of Nascent Entrepreneurs
Book Reviews
  • Micheal L. Shier, Book Review: Handbook of Practical Program Evaluation
  • Patsy Kraeger, Book Review: Advocacy Organizations and Collective Action
  • Liz Fisher, Book Review: The Nature of the Nonprofit Sector and Understanding Nonprofit Organizations: Governance, Leadership, and Management
  • Daniel Tinkelman, Book Review: Nonprofit Financial Management: A Practical Guide
  • Eleanor W. Sacks, Book Review: Philanthropy in America: A History
  • Barbara Levine, Book Review: High Ideals and Noble Intentions: Voluntary Sector-Government Relations in Canada


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