Monday, November 5, 2012

Case Western Publishes Tribute Issue for Laura Brown Chisolm

Laura-brown-chisolm-6e3f620cf00174e1In spring 2011, it was my sad duty to report that Professor Laura Brown Chisolm, a pioneer in nonprofit legal scholarship, had passed away.  In honor of her memory and her work, the Case Western Reserve Law Review has now published a tribute issue including both reflections on her life and scholarship and substantive articles on one of her favorite topics - nonprofits and advocacy. Here are the tributes and articles that can be found in Volume 62, Issue 3 of the Law Review:

Tribute:  A Tribute to Professor Chisolm by Daniel Van Grol

Tribute:  Laura Chisolm: An Advocate and Ally by B. Jessie Hill

Tribute:  An Ode in Memory of Dear Laura by John Simon

Tribute:  Laura Chisolm: The Light in the Room by Harvey P. Dale

Tribute:  Laura Chislom and the Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations by David C. Hammack

Tribute:  Laura Brown Chisolm by Karen Nelson Moore

Tribute:  Laura's Contributions by Wilbur C. Leatherberry

Tribute:  Laura Chisolm: Colleague, Peer, Friend by Jonathan L. Entin

Article:  Why the IRS Should Want to Develop Rules Regarding Charities and Politics by Ellen P. Aprill

Article:  The Political Speech of Charities in the Face of Citizens United: A Defense of Prohibition by Roger Colinvaux

Article:  Nonprofit Legislative Speech: Aligning Policy, Law, and Reality by Jill S. Manny

Article:  Nonprofits, Politics, and Privacy by Lloyd Hitoshi Mayer


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